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A Time for Me

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?    And, how’s that going for you?


For some reason we feel as if the new year means that we have to turn over a new leaf, completely reinvent ourselves, as if the arrival of the New Year will magically provide the motivation for extreme change. This extreme pressure to change is often tossed by the wayside in short order, leaving us with a feeling of failure.

 My recommendation to you for this New Year is instead of radical and extreme external change, delve into your inner divine being for a little internal passive change. This will equally feed you need for change and help you to feel more fulfilled as a whole. Below are a few practices and daily mantras to help guide you and help you to accept who you are in this present moment.

 I will…

  • be kinder and more gentle
  • be generous and charitable
  • practice tolerance
  • be environmentally responsible
  • be fiscally responsible
  • be honest and faithful
  • be helpful and available
  • see simplicity
  • let my passion flow
  • practice joy and forgiveness freely


I hope you look forward to your journey towards physical and emotional well-being and the celebration of life!


Well Wishes,


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