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Updated COVID-19 Protocols


  1. MASKS: Starting on Monday, June 14, IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED you can as we say, "Undress to your comfort level", and now we mean your face too! You can choose to not wear a mask during your session if fully vaccinated. We do prefer if you remain masked in the common space. IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED we require you to remain fully masked. As with our prior protocols we have modifications for when you are face down.  
    We completely respect that not everyone is wanting to unmask yet.  ALL STAFF WILL CONTINUE TO STAY MASKED AT THIS TIME.
  2. Contact Free Payment: We will be booking all appointments with the credit card that you wish to pay for your treatment, and will be processing payment ahead of time on the morning of your appointment. You will be emailed a receipt.
  3. Gratuity: If bringing cash for gratuity please bring exact change to place in envelopes for the therapists. We will not be making change for large bills.  If you would like to add gratuity to your card please let us know in advance if possible.
  4. Scheduling: We will both have inperson scheduling and remote scheduling. 
  5. Staggering Appointments: We will be maintaining extra time between client sessions. Please remember that this extra time is to allow air circulation between clients in the treatment rooms, and for the therapists to fully sanitize between sessions. 
  6. Do Not Bring Unscheduled Friends or Family: We will only be allowing clients who are booked for services to be inside of the center. Unscheduled friends and family are not permitted to accompany you to your appointment unless you are a minor or have a medical necessity.
  7. Personal Items: We ask that you limit your personal items brought inside the center to only necessary items. We do however suggest you bring your own water bottle to limit the use of paper cups that we provide.
  8. Arrival: Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early so that we can limit close physical proximity between clients. If you happen to arrive early please wait in your car or there are benches at the end of the hall where you can have a seat until your therapist unlocks the front door at the time of your session.
  9. Waiver/Consent: You will be required to sign a health form an informed consent for each session. No services will be rendered until these documents are signed. You will also be asked to sign to verify that you are vaccinated.
  10. Hand Washing: Upon entering please use the restroom to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds prior to the beginning of a session. Or use the hand sanitizer provided.
  11. Discontinued Use of Hot Packs: We will no longer be offering warm wraps prior to session.
  12. Session Time: We have missed you and want to bring as much comfort and reassurance to you as possible. We will however be keeping conversation brief before, during and after your treatment to ensure that staff do not run over on session time, and can have proper time to fully sanitize the space between each client. Please be respectful of this need for your practitioner.
  13. Shoes: We will be asking you to remove your shoes prior to entering the treatment room. (Therapist will be wearing PCCHH only shoes.)
  14. Clothing: We have added new bins to each treatment room and ask for you to keep all of your items inside these designated bins.
  15. Do Not Touch: We will be asking you not to touch any products or items that are not essential to your session. If you are interested in anything please ask your practitioner to assist you.
  16. Facial Massage: IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED we will begin offering facial massage again!  However we will still be temporarily discontinuing facial massage if you are not vaccinated.
  17. No Tolerance Policy: Staff will only be open to working on clients who are kind and are willing to abide by PCCHH policies.  Please don’t spend your relaxation time with mask politics.
  18. Practitioner At Will: If for any reason the therapist feels that performing the treatment would be a risk for your health or their own they will have the authority to have you reschedule for a different time when it would be safe for all parties. If this were to occur you would receive a full refund.

TRAVEL: We will continue to follow all PA guidance around travel

HYGIENE & CLEANING: We have always made the practice excellent hygiene and cleaning a priority, and we will be continuing these as well as increasing these measures to meet or exceed all CDC guidelines and recommendations for sanitation and hygiene.

What have we added? (Some of this isn't new, but we wanted to let you know.)

  • Masks & Aprons: All staff will wear a mask and fresh apron for each session.
  • Face Shields: Some staff may wear face shields during sessions.
  • Hand washing: Staff will be washing their hands, up to their elbows, for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently throughout the day. (This isn't new, but we wanted to let you know.)
  • We have added HEPA air purifiers to each of our treatment rooms and the common area.
  • We are using EPA approved, Rejuvenate™ disinfectants to deliver hospital-grade strength without the harsh side effects of the chemicals to sanitize all treatment spaces and common areas between each service. Rejuvenate is eco-friendly, consistent with our goal to also look after the wellness of our planet.
  • We always provide clean sanitized linens, towels, robes for each service
  • We have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes available for use throughout the center

WHEN TO CANCEL?: We want to inform you that we are instituting a firm sick-policy. If you may be sick, have possibly been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or come into contact with anyone who may be contagious within the last 14 days, or need to care for a loved one who is ill – PLEASE STAY HOME.  This applies to all illnesses, and even questionable symptoms that you otherwise might self-diagnose as severe allergies, as a precautionary measure while there is a heightened concern around COVID-19.

We ask that even if this is within the window of our 24-hour cancellation policy that you call to communicate and reschedule until you are fully recovered and no longer contagious or displaying symptoms. Cancellation fees for illnesses will be waived.

Please note that when you arrive at the center you will be asked to fill out a health information waiver, and any client showing any symptoms will be asked to reschedule their appointment out of respect for the well-being of everyone.

We never like to cancel appointments unless completely necessary, and we will make every effort to provide an option to see another one of our highly skilled bodyworkers to avoid disruption to your schedule. We hope that you will understand and appreciate our precaution if we do need to modify or cancel any appointments in an effort to keep you and everyone else healthy. Our staff will be required to take their temperature daily prior to arrival.

We hope that by instituting these firm boundaries that you will feel less anxious in remaining to care for your body, mind and spirit here at PCCHH.

We are all interconnected and moving through this day by day as it evolves together. You are not alone. Please know that all of us here at PCCHH miss you and look forward to bringing you relief and restoration as we come back together as a community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to find out more information about receiving distance cellular expansion and healing sessions from the comfort of your own home.


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