There is no doubt, working with Lisa Clark facilitated my healing exponentially.  I was able to establish a dynamic connection with myself and my body in a safe environment with a therapist genuinely engaged in my healing process.  It was during our sessions together I was able to cultivate an increased acceptance of myself with my body through gentle breath, mindfulness and movement.


From my first appointment with Chris, I was immediately aware of his keen observation skills and genuine interest to increase my overall well-being. It was easy to trust Chris from the onset. After assessing my health concerns, he used a compassionate approach during our sessions. He is very attentive and adapted each session due to my situation. Chris also increased my awareness and offered suggestions in other ways to positively impact my health. I have received many massages over the years; however, the massages provided by Chris are an unparalleled experience that I attribute to his unique training and continued desire to increase his technical skills from an integrative approach. Also, I love your facility from top to bottom from the decor to books and fresh water.  It is a very warm and welcoming environment and it makes me want to linger. With gratitude


"Today was the first time I have been to this spa. I had a one hour, deep tissue massage with Chris and he did a great job. I had an injury from weight lifting and he really understood the muscles involved in the problem area. Chris was professional and attentive to my needs.  Before leaving, I spoke with some of the other employees about additional services available. Everyone was nice and made me feel welcome. I will definitely be returning for more pampering! Thanks so much!"


I cannot say enough about what a difference Nikki’s calm and supportive attitude made to me. Because of my irregular cycles, it had taken me nearly a year to get pregnant with my first child, so when my husband and I decided we wanted to try to have another child, I was understandably quite apprehensive.   I remembered the highs and lows of each month, hoping each time that this would be the month but then feeling frustrated and disappointed when it wasn’t.  Nikki really took the time to talk to me and to understand where I was coming from; she acknowledged my anxieties in a way that helped me to begin to imagine ways of letting them go and trusting in my body to do what it knew how to do.  I was so thrilled when shortly after working with her, I became pregnant.  And while this is most definitely the outcome I was hoping for, I have to say as well that one of the major gifts of working with Nikki is just the pleasure of feeling fully supported and affirmed on one’s journey, whatever it might be.


A wonderful place to relax, forget your troubles and feel revitalized. Warm and friendly atmosphere to have a massage.


The spa is truly a place of comfort and connection...


This is my favorite Spa ever! Keep up the good work!


I began massage therapy when I was recovering from a severe episode of depression and post traumatic stress order, in addition to having years of chronic pain. My massage therapist’s touch is magnificent! She knows exactly where my trigger points are. Her knowledge and expertise are exceptional. She is extremely conscientous and kind. I’ve never had a better massage in my life. My entire experience at PCCHH is sublime. The reception area, with its trickling waterfall, exudes a relaxed, quiet and peaceful environment. The private rooms are beautifully and softly appointed. For me, PCCHH epitomizes the true meaning of a spa. CS


Before I went to see Nikki, I was really sick. I had been sick for a long time and had a few operations; the doctors were tired of "dealing" with me, so to speak. They did not know why I was feeling so bad. They told me to suck it up and get on with life. I basically felt hopeless until I met Nikki. When I met her, she was very positive and told me she would try her best to help me. After I started going to Nikki, I started to notice a difference both mentally and physically. Nikki is amazing to me. She made me feel better; each time I went things changed bit by bit. I started to feel human again, like I was not going crazy like all the doctors made me feel. Nikki just had a welcoming and comforting presence. I have continued to get better. I really believe in the cellular work that Nikki is doing. I feel like without it, I would be back where I started. I now have a more positive attitude, less fear and my blood work has showed improvement.


Nikki is very gifted and more of the world is waiting to connect with her and all she has to offer. I feel blessed to know her!

D. B.- Founder, Whole Health Resources