Are you tired and burnt out?
Have you been making everyone else and everything a priority over yourself for too long?
Have your needs been coming last?
Do you crave a feminine place of receptivity, joy of being in a body and ease of being in the world?
Do you want to have a better relationship with your body as a partner in life? To deepen your sense of wholeness, inner peace and to tap into your unique inner wisdom of your body + soul?
Does slowing down, connecting in nature, without distraction, so that your inner connection and natural balance can fill you from the inside out make you feel like you can breathe deeper?

Then the Women's Embodiment Retreat may be the self-care and nourishment that you are craving to restore to find playfulness and pleasure. Come and get your groove back!

Join us for an immersive retreat to let the worries and obligations of life fall away and re-connect with yourself in a deeper way. Experience a deeper connection with your own soul + divine essence while you experience connecting with your body to find the joy of embodiment in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains.

Imagine being in a restful state with your hands on your belly, breathing deeply, connecting inward, inviting the energy of your own soul to ripple through each and every cell in your body. Allow it to radiate + nourish you as you feel the support of being in a receptive state surrounded with an encouraging sacred circle of feminine energy.

Here you will have the ability to choose to step away from the busyness of your day-to-day schedule, and experience yourself more conscious and embodied. You will have the chance to learn how to deepen your ability to be in a receptive state of connection with your body + soul. Through intention, mindfulness and simple yet powerful techniques you can have the opportunity to find deeper intuition, more meaningful support from the inside out, and experience more ease and joy of being in your body + aligned with your heart & soul.

In the retreat, we will dive into sacred ritual and embodiment practices to connect with our body + soul with conscious experiences of; the breath, gentle movement, distance energy healing, journaling, giving and receiving of mindful touch with an energetic presence, flowing creative dance expression that will move emotion and free tension while experiencing the creative sensuality of being embodied. We intend to nourish ourselves in the deepest sense by aligning with our wholeness. You will leave with practices that you can integrate to provide a grounded place of comfort, ease and for positive impact in your life and the world.

On our Women’s Embodiment Retreat we join together to show up for each other with respect, compassion and personal responsibility in a safe, relaxing and supported group. We witness, honor and celebrate our individual wisdom and creative flow so we can return home rested, renewed and restored. 

Sample Experiences:

Mindful Silent Continental Breakfast

Sunrise Yoga

Gentle Movement + Intentions + Meditation

Guided River Mountain Hike

Picnic Lunch

Outdoor Massage

Mid-Day Embodiment Dance

Intuitive Journaling

Connecting to Self in Nature: Nap, Read, Paint, Hike, Forest Bathing
Soak in a Hot Natural Spring Fed Tub

Yoga Ball Self Massage

Group Distance Healing & Hammock Hang

Social Happy Hour + Chair Massage

Community Dinner

Women's Sacred Circle

Stargazing Stroll

Campfire - Stories + Sharing + Letting Go

Quiet Time + Rest
Thursday, May 15 - Sunday, May 18, 2025
4-Days, 3-Nights
The kitchen provides fresh and delicious meals created specifically for our guests, including plant-based, vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free.
Glamping Pods and Glamping Yurts Available!

The Woman’s Embodiment Retreat is open to women and “femmes”.

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Women's Embodiment Retreat