Cellular Expansion & Healing

Hands-On or Distance Energy Medicine

Cellular Expansion and Healing is a form of hands-on Energy Medicine that works with the Body/Mind Connection at the level of the cells. By working at the level of the cells clients are provided with the opportunity to transform stored consciousness within the body such as: thoughts, emotions, stored memories, levels of reactivity, and perceptions of their self and their surroundings. This transformation provides the opportunity for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to happen at the root cause of symptoms. The energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing acknowledges the body’s innate desire for balance, and invites the capacity of lasting change to occur from within.

Cellular Expansion and Healing serves those who desire health and balance and are not responding fully to traditional treatment, as well as those seeking support for their personal growth and evolution. While personal growth and healing often times seems to happen without explanation of "How" or "Why" frequently clients will gain clarity around areas of their life which are limiting their aliveness in some way. Through this conscious shift clients will not only benefit from the healing aspects in their current situation, but also gain the opportunity to live everyday from a place of abundance and joy.

"Healing, the body’s return to balance, involves the alignment of the internal aspects of energy, your thoughts, feelings and impressions, with the external, how the world impacts your own energy. True healing then is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of a life filled with joy and aliveness."
Deb Schnitta, the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE)

Some of the ways people have utilized the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing:

  • Align with your purpose
  • Assist in fertility
  • Relieve chronic pain or acute trauma
  • Support healing of illness and disease
  • Relieve stress, anger, depression and anxiety
  • Transform fear, low self-esteem, and patterns of separation & loss
  • Heal physical, emotional, and mental trauma and abuse
  • Move past a "Stuck" point in life
  • Gain clarity and increase concentration
  • Support weight loss
  • Relieve pain from Fibromyalgia
  • Support personal and spiritual growth
  • Create a more positive and abundant life

"Nikki Remic is a skilled professional with wisdom well beyond her years. I began working with Nikki following a recommendation from one of her fellow professionals as I was experiencing difficulties with conception. Nikki was instrumental in helping me clear any psychological hurdles I had created during the ’trying’ period and a shortly after working with Nikki I became pregnant. Nikki also provided wonderful support during my pregnancy providing sound advice and beneficial relaxation techniques. I hold Nikki in the highest regard and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking harmony and contentment."
D. A.

"Nikki is a remarkable young woman who I have experienced as both a gifted massage therapist and a talented practitioner of Cellular Expansion. Her sensitivity and strong intuition open her to both the physical and emotional issues held in our bodies.
Working with her these past few months has been an amazing and healing experience for me.
With distance energy-work and then one-on-one personal cellular expansion work, she helped me greatly diminish my anxiety about possible surgery, and I believe that work contributed to my not needing surgery at all.
Her gentle and compassionate way of relating allowed me to be open to her insights and to believe that I was capable of healing and changing. Working with her has shifted my consciousness of the healing energies beyond the physical, has encouraged me to live more creatively and richly, and has opened me to the very real possibility of self-transformation.
I trust her and her work immensely."
-R.L., Ph.D.

"In a short amount of time, cellular expansion work with Nikki has dramatically helped me with managing pain and anxiety. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago, and experience significant pain particularly during extended periods of professional travel. I have been treated for this pain (and the associated anxiety) via use of antidepressant medication. Nikki’s combination of cellular expansion and massage (combined with her insight and guidance) has freed me from both the pain and the use of the medications, and has helped me to re-focus on the many joys in my life. After every visit with Nikki, I learn more about who I am and (more importantly) who I want to BE."
-L.N., Karate Instructor

"I have been a client of PCCHH since the spring of 2007.  I've started getting regular CE sessions back then with Nikki and enjoyed it so much I eventually became a CE practitioner too.  I still treat myself to weekly distance CE sessions with Amy. She is very compassionate, skilled in conducting the energy, and can sense what I'm experiencing emotionally and physically. During a session I usually feel yummy waves of relaxing, warm, magnetic energy flowing through every cell of my body and mind and I love it! By the end of a session I feel like I'm floating on air! It still amazes me how different and unique each session can be. CE  has positively affected every aspect of my life, including my emotional health. A weekly CE distance session with Amy is the best gift I can give myself." S. A.

 "Over the past few years, I have recieved Cellular Expansion and Healing for various items regarding my health.  CE has helped  me with a digestive disorder and also infertility. At first I was not sure what to expect but will never forget my first experience. It was as if all of the stress of my digestive disorder disappeared.  I opened  my eyes at the end of the session and felt a wave of calm and peace.  Somehow I ironically knew in my gut that everything was going to be okay.
Over the past  year, I have been receiving CE during the roller coaster of infertility. It has been my constant source of stability in such a turbulent time. I have arrived at many sessions in a mountain of tears and left feeling unburdened.  While I have not become pregnant, CE has helped me realize that my path to motherhood is adoption. It becomes more and more clear with each session.
When I go to PCCHH, I am not just receiving CE but going to a place of true healing and emotional safety.  The staff  cares immensely about their clients and has become like a second family.  I am eternally grateful for finding PCCHH." Millie

Science of Energy Medicine

Science and quantum physics are showing more today that it is our enviornment and our subconscious perception of the world we live in, that impact our well-being.  The energy medicine of cellular expansion and healing helps to transform the subconscious attachment to negative beliefs or perceptions so that improved health, well-being and joy can occur from the root cause of symptoms.

Cellular Expansion and Healing Sessions

During a session clients remain fully clothed and are held in a gentle, nurturing, all-inclusive energy where their body may choose to release constrictions, attachments and illness. While the client lies comfortably on the table specific areas of their body will be held for a sustained period of time. When the therapist feels a shift within the energy they will gently move to other areas of your body until completion of the session. The therapist’s hands will not move as in a massage session, instead by holding the specific areas energy will radiate the effect throughout the entire body.

Experiences during the session vary greatly for each individual, as well as each individual session, however some clients report experiences such as:

  • Warmth
  • Deep relaxation
  • A sense of deep blended connection
  • Clarity
  • Oneness
  • Physical movement
  • Un-expressed emotions
  • Resurfacing of memories
  • Non-attachment to previous traumatic experiences

There will be time at the end of each session to discuss your experience as well as ask any questions which may come up.

Is there anything that I should do after a Cellular Expansion and Healing Session?

Cellular Expansion & Healing Session 60 minutes with Nikki $130

Distance Cellular Expansion & Healing Sessions are also an option.


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Combination Cellular Expansion and Massage Session

A Combination session is a blend of both a full Cellular Expansion and Healing session and hour Therapeutic Massage session.  It provides clients with the ability to benefit from the deep transformation of stored patterns of holding, while still receiving the physical relief that comes from Massage Therapy. By combining two full sessions clients are able to tap into an even deeper level of healing and integration resulting in optimal healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Combination Cellular Expansion and Massage Sessions are unique to the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing.

 Price varies based on the practitioners