For you to be able to completely surrender to your inner experience at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, please see the following points relating to your time in our sacred space.

To maintain a sacred space, and invite our clients to be fully present with their own inner experience we ask that you speak quietly and silence your mobile phone while in PCCHH.  Mobile calls are not permitted in common areas. This is your time, your email can wait.

For your ease we offer scheduling both online and via phone with our Spa Concierge who will help you to choose the best service for your needs if you need any recommendations.

Due to our high volume of standing clients we highly recommend that you book services in advance especially if you need specific times, days or multiple treatments.

Don't see what you need? Caring for your needs is of utmost importance to us, so we also maintain a waitlist to offer sessions that become available. You can add yourself to our waitlist online or via phone.

You can also follow us on social media. We often list last minute openings in here.

Arrival: We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you have time to fill out any paperwork, use the restroom and start to disconnect from your day so that you can experience the most from your session.  We recommend taking time to breath deeply with the aromas of the spa.  

You can take a moment to pause for a few deep breaths to calm the stress and anxiety of your nervous system.

Inhale for a count of 2

Pause your breath for a count of 1

Exhale for a count of 4

(repeat this breath at least 3 times)

Departure: We strive to give the full hands on time for each session as long as you arrive on time.  Due to our consultation time and for you to get on and off of the table without a sense of urgency please give yourself extra time before needing to jump back to your busy schedule.  We understand that your time is valuable, so if you do have the need to walk out the door at a specific time as to not cause any stress to your day please let your therapist know upon arrival.


Please be sure to update your therapist on any changes to your health history so that we can make any modifications to your treatment.  There are certain conditions and medications that have contraindications for massage therapy.

Please be aware of our covid-19 policies here.

We are as close of contact as you can get, so if you show any signs or symptoms of sickness, especially a fever stay home. This applies to all illnesses.

Gratuities are not included in the service price of the session. They are not mandatory, but they are always appreciated by your provider.  If you feel comfortable leaving a tip, a general spa guideline is 15-25% of the cost of the service. We have small tip envelopes for cash available.

While our therapists are very intuitive you know your needs and wants more than anyone.  Please always communicate with your provider about any special requests. Like what you ask?  Some thoughts: If you need more or less pressure in a session. If you are too hot or too cold.  How the temperature of the hot stones feel for you. If you would like them to work longer on a specific area of tension. If you would like certain types of music.  Really, this is your session. Feel free to communicate. You won't hurt our feelings. Providing you with an excellent experience is our goal.

We have therapist who are trained all of the way from infant and pediatric to geriatric massage.  Bodywork is indicated for any age, however anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present in the treatment room.  Please know that we can not make exceptions for this.

Please be aware that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel in less than 24 hours or do not show up for your appointment you will still be charged the full session fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you to feel prepared, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Do you have a question that you don't see listed?  No problem, we want you to feel as relaxed and prepared as possible, feel free to ask our Spa Concierge or your Therapist and we will be happy to answer it for you.

  • Individuals are encouraged to drink plenty of water and reduce caffeine consumption to avoid being dehydrated so that their body is able to respond with more ease.
  • Do not eat a large meal before a session.
  • Arrive on time for your session so that you are able to receive the full amount of time. You will also be able to enjoy the session more if you arrive with time to slow down from your day and your drive.
  • If it is your first time at PCCHH it is best to show up approximately 10 minutes early so that you will have additional time to fill out your health history form, and this will not cut into your session time.
  • USE THE RESTROOM! Nothing will disrupt your session more than lying on the table thinking of needing to use the restroom!
  • Make sure that you are comfortable during your session. It is important to communicate fully with your massage therapist. If the pressure is too much or not enough, if you are too hot or too cold, if you would like different music, etc., tell your massage therapist, YOU WILL NOT HURT THEIR FEELINGS!
  • Breathe. Your muscles are able to relax more fully on an exhale.
  • Know that talking during a session is your decision. You may want to base your decision on your intention of the session. If you are looking for a deeper spiritual session involving energy work, it is best not to talk so that you and your therapist can access deeper levels of connection.
  • If your mind is racing and thinking of things that are in your past or future, it helps to thank your mind for doing its job, and ask it to take a vacation. Also, you can focus on how the therapist’s touch feels, how the sheets feel on your body, or on your breath, anything that brings your awareness back to the present moment.

No. Your massage should never "hurt". There are a lot of therapeutic benefits to a more slow, gentle, specific massage. Sometimes, however, for specific deep tissue massage/ trigger point work or injury work the pressure can be a bit uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10, 1-being no pain and 10-being severe pain, your massage should not feel stronger than a 6-8. Your massage should not feel so strong that you are tensing up more than relaxing. If you are tensing up please make sure to tell your massage therapist to lighten their pressure. Some people like the "good hurt" from a massage. This is often a signal that the neuromuscular system is releasing and the therapist is working on the areas that need attention. However, it is not necessary to suffer through pain in order to benefit from massage.

  • If you are ticklish it is best to inform your therapist prior to the start of your session. We wouldn’t want you to be about to fall asleep and then jump when we touch your feet ;-)
  • Often times the pressure and speed used during touch greatly impact the feeling of being "ticklish". If you think that you may want to still have certain areas such as your feet massaged our therapist can adjust their work for your comfort. Communication is the best way to assure your relaxation.
  • Our therapists use hypo-allergenic oils and creams. However, if you know that you have very sensitive skin you may want to bring in an oil or cream that you know responds well with your skin. Also, please inform your therapist of any allergies you may have.
  • How far you disrobe is always based on your comfort level. It is most beneficial for clients to fully undress, so that the therapist can more easily massage areas such as your low back. However, if you are uncomfortable with this idea your therapist can go around areas of clothing such as undergarments.
  • Clients are fully covered during a massage session with clean sheets and blankets to preserve privacy and comfort. The therapist will only uncover areas of the body which they are working with at that moment.

You should NOT receive a massage if you:

  • Have a fever
  • Feel like you are coming down with a cold or flu
  • Have any blood clotting disorder
  • Are having a complicated pregnancy
  • Have recently had surgery
  • Have a contagious skin condition

* Modifications may need to be made for additional health conditions, so please make sure to inform your therapist of ALL changes in your health.

* While Massage may not be suitable for all situations you may benefit greatly from Energywork.

  • A trigger point, commonly called a "knot", is a hyperirritable spot most commonly found in muscles, tendons or connective tissue. Trigger points, though unclear the exact reason they occur, will cause local and referred pain. Trigger points are known to cause headaches, low back, neck and shoulder pain, and are associated with Fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and much more.
  • A massage therapist’s view of the appearance of the body is totally different than the stranger walking down the street. When you come into our office our number one concern is your overall well-being. This means that when we look at your body we are not looking at your extra few holiday pounds, but instead are assessing how you hold and carry your body so that we can pin point areas of your body that need extra attention.
  • Drink plenty of water so that your body is more able to flush out toxins that may be moving out of your body. Otherwise, you may feel like you have the flu.
  • Remember that there is a lot that happens within your body when you receive bodywork. Nurture your emotional, mental and spiritual sides.
  • Give yourself additional time after a massage so that you can integrate back into your daily life with ease.
  • If you are thinking about using heat or ice after you receive a massage please ask your massage therapist their specific recommendation as to not add inflammation to any area which has received an intense amount of work.
  • Stretch. Sometimes long held patterns of holding can have a rebound effect on or around areas receiving a sustained amount of work. After a massage the body is in a phase of re-educating itself. To help prevent any discomfort during this period of time we recommend that you stretch your entire body through means such as Yoga to maintain a lasting result of length and relaxation in the body.
  • It is important to drink a lot of water both before and after a massage. During a massage more than just your muscles are benefiting.  Your circulation and lymphatic fluids are also busy moving fresh fluids though your body.  While no studies have been found providing any fact to the old theory of, "flushing out toxins that are moving out of your body", your body is always able to function at it's best, as well as to keep energy moving throughout your body when properly hydrated. It also helps to support your liver in this functioning by adding lemon to your water. Often if you are feeling sick however more water has been said to help you feel more like yourself again.
  • If you feel sick or sore after a massage always communicate this information with your massage therapist. Depending on your previous health history specific precautions may need to be taken during the session.
  • How frequently should I come for a massage?
  • Frequency varies by individual needs. Ideally clients should receive a weekly to bi-weekly massage if they are looking to achieve specific health benefits from their sessions. However, those who decide that they would like to come monthly or quarterly will still benefit from the relaxation of massage.
  • It is best to speak with your therapist about your specific goals so that they may give you a personalized recommendation.

We know that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and we want only the best for you and our staff who are using them all day long.

We strive to only use high quality products in our sessions sourcing organic and sustainably harvested products when available. We use certified organic, vegan*, gluten free massage cream/lotion/oil/gel in our sessions, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

*Some sessions include topicals that may include honey.  If you are vegan and are looking to avoid these products please mention that to your therapist.  You may also bring your own product to use if you have an allergy or sensitivity that you are concerned about.