Pregnancy Massage

A dream come true for expectant Pittsburgh moms!

For the expectant mother-to-be a Pregnancy Massage provides her with support for her changing structure. As the pregnancy progresses, a mother is faced with physical and emotional challenges that can be overwhelming. Issues such as low back pain, sciatica, swelling, sinus pressure, pressure on the ribs, and general fatigue make it hard for her to keep up with her daily life and perhaps other children. Pregnancy massage aims to help women become more accepting and aware of their bodies, reduce discomforts and pain, and thus better prepare them for labor.

*Pregnancy Massage is only indicated for women experiencing a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy.

60 Minutes $120
75 Minutes $145
90 Minutes $170

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"Results from a study done by the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that women who received prenatal massage for 20 minutes two times a week felt less anxious and had reduced leg pain with in the first session.  The research group further reported better moods, improved sleep, less urinary issues and fewer complications during labor and postnatal."  From an article in the March/April 2011 Pulse Magazine, written by Mae Manacap-Johnson