I have been in need of a massage session for a long time; my body is stressed and my therapist could feel the tension. She worked with moderate pressure as i asked but found a few painful areas and quickly adjusted appropriately to continue a positive experience.

— K.M.

I have been coming to PCCHH since about 6 months after they opened! Beth has been my "provider" since my second appointment! She has seen parts of me that even I haven't seen! She takes her time each session to discuss where I need more attention, and just my general over all well being. I have been to other places for massage, and NOBODY compares to the relaxation & relief I receive from Beth. The entire staff is welcoming, compassionate, and truly concerned with each and every client's needs..

— M.L.

the entire experience was excellent

— B.C.

 I love the atmosphere, the staff, and especially the massage. Ricki is wonderful.  I have received two massages (so far) and they have been exceptional.  He is truly gifted.  I plan on returning on a regular basis in order to stay relaxed and rejuvenated. 

— L.G.

Cellular expansion has allowed me to let go of the anger I had been holding onto for the past year and a half. Through regular sessions, not only am I more relaxed and better able to move on in my daily life, but my constant neck and back ache has been greatly reduced. After each session with Nikki I feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to meet my obstacles with a newfound strength. The massage sessions with Nikki rejuvenate and energize me for days on end. I can also feel my tension levels drastically reduce during the session! It is my firm belief that more people should try either cellular expansion and/or a massage session with Nikki to combat stress, tension, and the general craziness of everyday life!

— J.G.

I know that when I come to PCCHH, I will find a therapist who genuinely wants to help my body heal and flourish. The humble balance between regular life and spiritual openness and healing makes PCCHH the place I go for massage. You are the ones I recommend, buy gift cards for and enjoy myself. Please continue this work--it is a gift.

— K.P.

I absolutely love the massages I get at PCCHH! Sydnee is incredible and she spends time to listen to what your concern areas are and creates a customized massage that is exactly what you need. It's always a wonderfully relaxing experience and everything is done with mindfulness. Truly such a treat!

— A.W.

Before I went to see Nikki, I was really sick. I had been sick for a long time and had a few operations; the doctors were tired of "dealing" with me, so to speak. They did not know why I was feeling so bad. They told me to suck it up and get on with life. I basically felt hopeless until I met Nikki. When I met her, she was very positive and told me she would try her best to help me. After I started going to Nikki, I started to notice a difference both mentally and physically. Nikki is amazing to me. She made me feel better; each time I went things changed bit by bit. I started to feel human again, like I was not going crazy like all the doctors made me feel. Nikki just had a welcoming and comforting presence. I have continued to get better. I really believe in the cellular work that Nikki is doing. I feel like without it, I would be back where I started. I now have a more positive attitude, less fear and my blood work has showed improvement.

— K.H.

I felt very cared for from the moment I walked in until I walked out the door. It was a perfect environment for the self care I needed.

— J.D.

I started going to Beth for regular massages when I injured my shoulder in a dance class. Within the first two sessions with Beth, my pain had lessened considerably, and I could just feel all of the tension and tightness melting out of my muscles, both in the injured area and all of the surrounding areas. Beth has an amazing way of intuitively knowing exactly where the tension or pain is originating from, and knowing exactly how much pressure is needed to relieve it. Beth worked with trigger/pressure points, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage to help me heal quickly from this injury. As a byproduct of having massages more regularly, I began to realize how much tension I was actually holding in my body, especially in my neck and shoulders, just from dealing with everyday life. I began to look forward to my sessions with Beth as a way to completely relax and let go of the tension and stiffness in my muscles. By having more regular massages, I can be proactive with my health, prevent future injuries and feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed in the meantime. Because of the massages, I feel much more in tune with my body, have begun eating more healthily, exercising and doing yoga more regularly, and sleeping better. I am also more aware of tension when it first appears in my body and I can do something about it, rather than waiting for the signals of pain or injury to kick in before taking action. Beth is so easy to talk to, is very knowledgeable about the body, and she makes every session something to look forward to!

— M.G.